Dynamics and Control of Quantum Many-body Systems

Recent progress in nanotechnology enables us to directly address quantum transport of electrons in nano-devices made of metal or semiconductors. For example, the wave nature of electrons can be controlled in electronic interferometers (“Aharonov-Bohm rings”), while their particle nature is accessible in quantum dots (“artificial atoms”). We can even combine these two kinds of devices into one, where the wave-particle duality in quantum mechanics manifests itself. The advantage of such a research field, called “mesoscopic physics” or “nanophysics,” lies in the controllability and the versatile degrees of freedom in the device design. We try to understand and control various novel quantum, many-body, and nonequilibrium effects in nano-devices in terms of the dynamical aspects of electron transport.

We published a review paper on shot noise in mesoscopic systems (open access) in the Journal of the Physical Society of Japan (JPSJ) in Sep. 2021. Here is a 2-minute summary video made by the JPSJ Editorial Office. Please have fun!